Project description

The idea of the project is to research old eating habits, traditions and methods of making healthy food of our countries, revive them into modern life and make use of the things in modern days. 

In modern life we meet with the problem that our food is not healthy and even dangerous for people’s life, it is full of additional elements. But it is not so simple and easy to change these things, it is rather hard to buy ecological food because of preservatives and additives. Thus remembering the time when people did not use artificial things, chemistry the project team decided to research old methods of making healthy, ecological food, revive it into modern life. To combine ecology and heritage knowledge, revive what was forgotten, to develop old traditions, to connect past, modern life and to make bridges to the healthier future. To preserve ancient heritage for our children and future generation, to preserve ecology of our countries, to pay attention to healthy life. Every country has culinary heritage but it is not popularised, only a few people know some secrets.

The international project team will research how ancient Lithuanians, Latvians and inhabitants of Finland made food from the most simple products by tanning/fermenting herbs, cabbages, beetroots, fish etc. The project teams will collect and renew recipes of making these products, produce and present products to communities during some events or festivals. 

The target groups – adult learners of the partner country. The electronic recipe book of the healthy food will be used for adults’ learning about food making, but it is possible to use for anybody interested in the ecologic way of like, thus promoting healthy living style.